Hi I'm Keven van Zoen.

I am an illustrator and linocut printmaker. My work often references memories and landscapes from life growing up in the Pacific Northwest region of America, as well as my current life and travels in Europe. I love bright colors and cute faces. Anything that brings joy into our lives.
In addition to running an art practice and small business, I am a mother of two, wife, and third generation Portland Oregonian (often referred to as “unicorns”).
Growing up spending my summers camping in the forest and inter-tubing down the Zig Zag river, I have now traded in my hiking boots for a Dutch bike (or two).​

For any inquires regarding illustration or print work please reach out to me info@studiozoen.com.
P.S. Did you know that the word "zoen" means "kiss" in Dutch? So my last name literally means "from Kiss". Cute right?
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